Nils’ and Fernando’s wingfoil day in Cadiz

Nils and Fernandos wingfoil day in Cadiz Nils' and Fernando's wingfoil day in Cadiz

Check out Nils Bach’s video from Cadiz where he meets up with Fernando Martínez del Cerro for some wingfoiling. Nils gives the full story and how tough it can be trying something new on a windy day with rough conditions. As well as some really nice footage of Fernando crushing it with the wing and the waves on the wing freerace set.

Info about F4 wingfoils

If you want to take it a bit slower and have a super stable foil to learn on a day with less wind, the wing lightwind 2000 set is a good option. Or if you want to have a bit more playful but still easy going wingfoil experience on a bit more windy day, the wing freeride 1400 is great and should be your next choice.

As all our foils are modular, it’s easy to upgrade later on with a more high aspect wing like the 1050 or our new 1250, 1450 and 1650 downwind and pumping wings.

We are looking forward to seeing the next episode of your wingfoil tryouts, Nils! Thanks to both of you for sharing your foiling day with us!