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Looking for the next level wing foil setup? Another awesome review from Mathieu Bonno, this time testing the wing freerace foil. See the translated short version below or visit to read the full review.

“If you’re looking for a quick flying start, speed and easy maneuver, this is the right foil. It is ideal for intermediate and advanced riders, even for those who want to make big jumps.”

The test

Tidy in its suitcase, the sobriety of the F4 set gives way to a beautiful product. No screen printing for this test center model, but you can find the graphics on the brand’s website. The plate is a large block (larger than on other models) and the first centimeters of the mast are very thick (see photos). It is therefore a little heavier than other models of the same size. Assembly is intuitive and quick. You will need 2 Torx tools to mount the assembly, but nothing out of the ordinary compared to other brands. The case allows you to store all your equipment, neatly, with compartments for each part of the foil, separately. It’s easy, it’s qualitative and practical, but, if you keep the carrier plan mounted, there is no protection provided for the wings alone. This Freerace model is recommended for sailors who already have a good level of practice and who are looking for good or even very good performance. The grip is not particularly more difficult than with other foils, but the length of the mast requires you to already have a level of control limiting the risk of falls in “dolphin” or on the sides. The HA (High Aspect) wing of 1050 cm² offers limited lift which will not place it in the most accessible to fly for the less comfortable. But seasoned sailors will find the support they need and know how to fly early, keep flying in the downwinds and accelerate. It is enough to give a little speed to the pumping, then flight is possible; the whole is powerful enough to benefit from a good low range. In moderate to strong winds, the problem no longer arises, and the flight is progressive, easy to master. Tested on several floats between 75 and 108 liters, it offers impressive stability, on both axes, allowing you to always go further. It’s the foil that allowed us to go the fastest on our Almanarre runs. With this fuselage, the power was rather easy to master and we didn’t suffer in the strong wind conditions. There is stability and an interesting playful side to pumping with the legs. There is also support in regatta use, with an interesting ability to go upwind and a high cruising speed. We were lucky enough to be able to test the modularity of this foil with another much larger fuselage (the 83 cm Windfoil Freeride model) and the power is such that we have to review the positioning of the body and the plate. The performances in light wind and in race mode are stunning, but the foil still becomes much more physical and this radical configuration will only be aimed at racing navigation specialists. This is proof of the adaptability of all F4 products. We also had the chance to test the other wings, the Freeride model (in 1400 and 1720 cm²). And it’s just a delight in stability and mobility in swells or waves by offering a little more lift at low speeds than with the 1050. The mast is very stiff and allows all eccentricities, without flinching. In the waves, in jumps, when picking up speed, the mast always responds, and with its 90 cm length, we were not surprised by an excess of power. It’s an all-purpose, modular foil, and despite all our requests during these 3 months of testing, nothing has changed. The 3 front fenders that we tested are interchangeable between the aluminum mast or the carbon mast and each, with its own characteristics, will be suitable for demanding sailors looking for uncompromising performance.

F4Foils freerace wing Wing Freerace review on


Manufacturing quality and performance are indisputable at F4 and this carbon mast makes it possible to go even further in the search for the latter. Stable and reassuring, we have never hesitated to push ever harder, faster. Whatever the practice, this Freerace model really goes everywhere. Tested with other wings, focused on maneuvers and surfing, it will be an absolutely fabulous toy in all wind or sea conditions. Of course, you will have to be able to afford it. But for good browsers who can take the plunge, you can go there with your eyes closed. It is the assurance of having a good time on the water and a guarantee of longevity with the quality of the product. We would have really liked to keep it!

Thank you for the thorough testing Mathieu, we are happy that you like the wing freerace set :)

F4Foils wing freerace Wing Freerace review on
F4Foils wing freerace Wing Freerace review on

Photos : Mathieu Bonno/Myboardreport