Wing foil review – Freeride and lightwind

F4 Remco wingfoil review 1 Wing foil review - Freeride and lightwind

Check out this review on the F4 wing foil freeride 1400 and the lightwind 2000 wing foil from Remco aka Windsurfcoach in the Netherlands.

F4 Remco wingfoil review 1 Wing foil review - Freeride and lightwind

Things to consider when buying a wing foil.
I would like to share with you my winging experience.

To start with: F4 thanks for the fantastic wing foil!
I just got the F4 2000sqcm (and the 1400sqcm) wingfoil and it helped me progress sooooooo much faster, it’s almost unbelievable what a difference a high end foil makes!!!

About winging……
I’ve basically been a windsurfer for my whole life and known as the “windsurfcoach” on YouTube (small Dutch spoken channel).
I just started winging this year summer.
At first I didn’t know what to think of it yet, but my wife was keen on learning to wingfoil.
She had a basic wing foil set with a basic 1900cm2 foil, a 80L wingboard (a bit too small for me in hindsight) and a 5.2 wing.

I got a bit curious watching my wife having fun and learning.
This summer she let me try her wing gear…..

As I have quit some experience with windsurfing and wind foiling so I expected it to be easy for me…..

WRONG!!! hahahahaha

It took me 1,5 hours and lot of falling, splashing and swimming around before I finally got up on the foil and had a bit of control.
Now I’m hooked for life I’m afraid!
It’s just sooooo much fun and it’s so incredibly relaxing as you’re just quietly hovering over the water with hardly any force needed.
Just give it a go if you haven’t tried it yet!

wingfoil Freeride lightwind Wing foil review - Freeride and lightwind

Just a few weeks ago I got my own F4 wing foil and made stunning progressing since!!!
Before I couldn’t gybe, couldn’t sail switch stance, couldn’t switch feet…….

It’s soooo much easier to get on the foil with the F4 2000cm2 frontwing, it’s also very stable and keeps it’s speed through the turns which makes learning how to wing foil and how to gybe on the foil a lot easier.
Before my F4 foil Iack of stability made it harder to reach that next step and as I’m now quicker onto the foil with my F4 foil I have more flying hours and progress even faster!
I didn’t realize the difference would be that big until I tried it.

My advice to any newbies to winging……
The foil is THE most important part of your wing foiling gear, do consider investing in a high end one like mine!
It will make learning sooooo much easier and more fun!!

See you on the water!!!


Thank you Remco for sharing your F4 wing foil experience with us!