F4 Wingfoil Starter Pack

f4 starter pack copy 1 F4 Wingfoil Starter Pack

F4 Starter Pack is designed to deliver the most delightful riding experience with the easiest learning curve. 

F4 Starter Pack is the perfect foil bundle for getting into windwinging, and thanks to its modularity and broad wing selection from F4 Foils, you can grow your skills without outgrowing your foil.  The profile of the 2000 wing facilitates a very low take off speed perfect for low wind days, and maintaining flight while you are learning maneuvers and tricks. The 1400 wing is the natural next step, allowing you to continue your progression in the sport with broader wind conditions and faster speeds. And no matter where you go with the sport these two wings are so good, they will be in your quiver and deliver the joy of riding for many seasons. 

Proven performance and quality – Over the past decade F4 has established itself as the absolute best foil manufacturer in the sport of windsurfing winning multiple races and championships across the globe. And over the past three years we have taken all of the design, manufacturing and logistical experience to bring to our customers the ultimate collection of wind winging foils.   

Ease of use, matched by ease on your bank account! – Getting into a new sport requires commitment: commitment of time, physical load, and finances. With the Starter pack you don’t need to over commit on any of these aspects. The starter pack is designed for ease of use, early takeoff, stable & intuitive flight allowing riders to progress at their own pace and comfort level, and it makes it that much more fun when the starting price is – 1199.00 USD

Protect your investment in the sport – F4 is the pioneer of the modular foil platform. It allows you to update and upgrade your foil, matching your riding ability progression and nature’s conditions. You can choose between masts, fuselages, front wings and rear wings to create the best combination for any day on the water. 

What’s inside:
Aluminum 85cm plate mast
Front wings 2000 sqcm and 1400 sqcm
Rear Wing 340 sqcm
Fuselage 70cm
Optional and upgrade parts:  masts, front wings, rear wings, fuselages, accessories