Congrats Jordy – winning the 1 hour in Garda!

Jordy Vonk win Congrats Jordy - winning the 1 hour in Garda!

Once again, congratulations to Jordy Vonk – our team member, for winning the first one hour in Lake Garda (Lago di Garda) today. Speed records and winning races are so rewarding and give us the power to keep pushing the foil development even further! Stay tuned for more news ahead, hats off, Jordy! You rock! 

“It’s tough with conditions changing all the time, but the setup was great. After one round I managed to come from 4th to 1st and stay there. Amazing as all good guys were there racing!” – Jordy Vonk 

The Setup: Duotone 6.8 sail, with Fanatic 91 wide board and the F4 SLALOM 700 (97cm HM carbon mast, 560 front wing 100+3/FR100 fuselage, 190 rear wing.