New F4 Foils European based production facility

New F4 Foils European based production facility copy 1 New F4 Foils European based production facility

“You don’t call it work when you are having fun” – and all of us at F4 Foils are fortunate enough not only to have a lot of fun, but be able to share the stoke and joy with our customers while delivering unparalleled and unlimited foiling pleasure to wingers and windsurfers worldwide.

Speaking of unparalleled and unlimited, it all starts with race level precision and quality.
We are very excited to announce our new Europe based manufacturing facility. Over the past two years we have been scaling our design, manufacturing, and R&D team in order to be able to develop and iterate new products faster, while also having access to proprietary technology, skills, and materials that are not readily available. Delivering the ultimate level of precision and quality requires highly qualified and experienced technical staff that can enable us to have complete control of the process from design all the way to the finished product under one roof. Each module of any of our models that are built in our EU factory is hand made with the highest quality materials available in the industry. Furthermore each part is inspected by our technicians to strict quality, measurements, and fit and finish standards, something not achievable in a mass production factory.
Hand making products in the EU, using labor and the materials we do, requires very different economics, and that level of quality and performance calls for a new name, so we will use a new designation – R. Models marked with R are actually hand made to order in our EU facility and meet the specifications we use for our race team riders across windwinging and windsurfing. 
Why R? Race, Reliability and Ruchno (Ръчно) wich in Bulgarian means – hand made.
We don’t work on MotoGP bikes or F1 cars, but all of us benefit from the technologies developed in these sports, and the same applies to foiling, it’s an investment you make, it’s your fun time and your passion, and you need the best!
All R designated products are available on special order through our certified resellers and directly through our website.
We are stoked to bring this level of products to you, thank you for your continuous support,
F4 Team.