Another great weekend for F4 Foils! 

Scoty Stalman Simon Pettifer Another great weekend for F4 Foils! 

The amazing windsurfers Scotty Stallman, James Faley and Simon Pettifer – teammates from The Official Test Centre (OTC), have performed great at 2022 UKWA Slalom (British Slalom Champion)!

They took the three places on the podium.

1st place for Scotty Stallman“Stoked to take the win this weekend and secure the second British Title – such an awesome feeling!”

2nd place for James Faley“It’s times like this that make it all worth it. For me it isn’t just a sport, it’s my life and I really hope I do everyone proud especially my dad.”

3rd place for Simon Pettifer“So incredibly happy about this I can’t tell you how much it means to me to finish on the podium.”

It’s amazing, guys! Many congratulations and may the force foil be with you! 🙂