Wing foil review on Wingsurferjournal

f4 wing foil freeride review Wing foil review on Wingsurferjournal

Are you looking for which freeride wing foil to invest in this season? Mathieu Bonno has been out testing and just wrote a review of our freeride wing foils with an aluminum mast on Here´s the short translated version:

f4 wing foil freeride review Wing foil review on Wingsurferjournal

We were lucky enough to be able to test 2 different wings, the 1400 cm² and the 1720 cm². The length of the mast is ideal, between safety and navigation comfort, and the weight is not felt too much under the feet. Tested on several floats between 85 and 110 liters, the behavior of the foil is quite regular and the handling is really very easy. With the 1720 cm² wing, the lift allows you to fly very quickly and the foil is then very stable on both axes, lateral and longitudinal. It is very comfortable and above all reassuring. Not to mention the cruising speed, which is also very good, and which allows you to be mobile everywhere on the body of water, to pass easily through air pockets and to allow you to maintain speed, even when the maneuvers take a bit more time. This wing is really intended for light winds and the heaviest riders thanks to these characteristics. But not only! We found that the foil kept a real playful side in the waves and following the swell.

It really is one of the easiest and most stable foils we have tried so far.

The 1400, on the other hand, is a real toy. The speed is even better, we found it even better balanced and the performance, in all areas, is very interesting. The flying start is quick, the speed pick-up too, and we had a blast navigating the swell trains in front of the Almanarre rock. The F4 freeride 1400 wing foil is really a safe bet for experienced and experienced sailors. With less wingspan than its big sister, the curves can be more supported and chained quickly. The mast length may be a bit long for novices, but the stability is such that we can still recommend it for newcomers looking for a versatile and scalable model. Because this is its major characteristic, with this stability on both axes, the range of use is wide and practically all sailors will be able to take advantage of this F4 Freeride. Experts and maneuvering enthusiasts may find it too bulky and heavy, but we have continued to do our little tricks with ease with this foil. Robust and efficient, it is a must for all public foils.

F4 wing 1720 alu L Wing foil review on Wingsurferjournal
F4 wing 1720 alu 85 2 Wing foil review on Wingsurferjournal

F4 has been a recognized brand for years in the world of windsurfing and this versatile foil for both practices is an example of their know-how. The manufacturing quality and performance are really there for this aluminum foil. Stable and safe at this length (easy to control flight height) it will be a partner of choice for all sailors, from novice to expert. The latter may find it too heavy in the jumps and will prefer the carbon mast, but this aluminum opus is absolutely impressive in terms of ease, stability and performance. The brand did not fail in its foil proposal!

Check out the full review on Wingsurferjournal here.

Thank you Mathieu for your thorough testing, we are happy that you like our foils!