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Go series 1 Discover the all new GP series

We are delighted to announce the release of the new F4 GP all carbon series foil portfolio.

Listening to you – our customers and our team riders, we wanted to deliver a platform that would expand the riding possibilities across all wind winging disciplines for riders of any level. A platform that scales, its modular, performs above and beyond the market, and allows you to push the boundaries of our sport. We used our R&D and race team’s years of top level foiling development and competition experience, the inspiration and stoke of all of the local races like the Friday night San Francisco series, and the energy we received over the past season from meeting and speaking with all of you to design and develop the GP series. And we set a goal to deliver all of this at the top level of quality and craftsmanship F4 is known for, and at a very competitive price point.

The all new GP platform  is 100% high modulus carbon construction and consists of 3 components – mast, front wing with fuselage containing the mast mount, and rear wing and fuselage, allowing for angle adjustments.

The GP Masts

In order to expand the riding style and location options we have developed 3 different plate mount masts delivered from our handmade race GPR mast.

95cm foam core mast for lightweight feeling yet stiff response

95cm solid core mast for speed and freestyle maneuvers

75cm foam core mast for reefs, shallow locations, pumping and wave riding

The GP front wings

The platform launches with 6 different front wing and fuselage options.

GP – FW580
The new GP 580 is a super efficient high aspect wing designed to get you flying as early as possible. These new wings enable early take off with much smaller surface area delivering speed, better turning, and gliding performance. The GP 580 wing dimensions are: 89cm and 581 sqcm.

GP – FW760
The GP 760 is part of a new series of high aspect wings that glide and pump extremely well. The 758 has become the go to wing even in marginal medium wind conditions. It has excellent carving and gliding capabilities. The GP 760 wing dimensions are: 92.5 cm and 758 sqcm.

GP – FW850
The new GP850 is optimized for race speed and turning. We increased the dihedral to minimize tip ventilation and shortened the span for better control and stiffness. This is a wing for speed and jumping. The GP 850 wing dimensions are: 90 cm – 850 sqcm.

GP – FW1000
The new GP 1000 is a gliding machine. When combined with the 175 tail wing, this gliding machine goes and goes in the ocean and bay swells. This has become our favorite wing for all wind conditions and it’s delightful for jibing and tacking. The wing dimensions are: 100 cm – 1022 sqcm.

GP – FW1200
The GP 1200 is about gliding and turning performance. Combined with a thin profile, this wing generates amazing low end lift and keeps you in the air through jibes and tacks. With an aspect ratio of 7, its super efficient, yet has amazing surf and carving capabilities. The GP 1200 wing dimensions are: 92cm – 1204 sqcm.

F4 – FW1450
The GP 1450 is a next generation freeride wing designed for early take off and carving / gliding performance. This wing is for light wind conditions, and larger or new riders. This wing is amazingly stable and a great all arounder. The GP 1450 wing dimensions are: 1m – 1428 sqcm

The GP rear stabilizers

To complete the riding experience, and allow for endless combinations and response and turning precision tuning we have developed 4 different rear stabilizers.

F4 – RW150
The new GP 150 provides amazing pumping and wave riding performance. This wing allows low speed agility with increased stability at speed. Now you can have your cake and eat it too.

F4 – RW175
The GP 175 is a new generation of efficient stabilizers for optimal agility and stability. The 175 works amazingly with the 1000 and smaller front wings.

F4 -RW200
GP 200 adds some additional stability to the 140 and is intended for the smaller race front wings 580, 760, 850 for tuned control for race and freestyle.

F4 -RW220
The GP 220 is the larger of the new stabilizer series and adds additional pitch stability for the GP front wings. While still providing loose carving capability, the 220 adds additional pitch control for all speed conditions.

F4 GP wings Discover the all new GP series

GP is a new platform for F4, we set our goals high and we overachieved them. The foils will let you achieve new speed records, jibe like a pro, confidently jump higher than ever, and enjoy the sport recreationally or in racing.