Windsurf foil review by Berowne Hlavaty

Berowne Hlavaty Windsurf foil review by Berowne Hlavaty

Berowne Hlavaty, thank you for your great review! We are really pleased to hear that you are enjoying your F4 foil and everything went nice and smoothly throughout.

Spring Holiday with my F4 Foils

I just had a great time on holiday at Jervis Bay with my lovely wife and gorgeous F4 Foils. I got to sail about every second day with the foils intertwined with a few social outings with my lady which included whale watching from a cruise boat which was pretty cool, a local food and wine festival and catching up with friends and family.

On the F4 foils I saw a pod of about 6 dolphins as I went to gybe twice but they were 50-100m away. I’m still waiting for the perfect day when some dolphins come alongside and race/play with me! Maybe next time…

I sailed with a few friends at the next waterway down the coast, George’s Basin and the usual bunch of random sailors riding everything from wind wings, kites etc on the bay.

One day I worked on my speed gybes and ended up doing a PB alpha in 1’ to 3’ swell. Mind you gybing in chop is not guaranteed! I lost more gybes than I made in these conditions, but was pushing myself for next weekend’s State Slalom Round 1 Races. My F4Foils, FMX Hyperion and various sails (Loft SkyBlade, Phantom IRIS and Patrik SF) all working well!

I cracked 29knots in the swell that day too which was epic and scary. You’ll see just how scary when you see the videos linked below! Save of the Day and Big OFF!

Jervis Bay is definitely one of my all-time favourite places to foil! Despite the 1’ shore break which turned out to be very manageable.

Berowne Hlavaty

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