Jordy Vonk – Winning the DamX

Jordy Vonk DAM X event Jordy Vonk - Winning the DamX

Our best congratulations to Jordy Vonk on winning the Pro Fleet at the @damxevent! It’s awesome to see him push the foil and at the same time always share his knowledge with others to evolve the sport!

You rock Jordy! Excited to keep following your success ahead!

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“Damx was super nice, did a training with 89 people at the beginning of the event… Then busy with presentations but, on the side, I won the side on 6 out of 7 pro fleets. It was super nice, was light winds 7-9 8-9 with 560 and 620 front wings, a lot of fun to race with the guys and give a little show to the people 🙂”

– Jordy Vonk