F4 New Windsurf models 2023 – Windsurf Fuselages

Windsurf 2023 Fuselages F4 New Windsurf models 2023 - Windsurf Fuselages

We started with a clear objective – develop fuselages that are going better through wind holes and deliver more power to stay up in the gybe. Fuselages are very much a user preference based choice, as well as somewhat gear dependent, so it is important to have choices.

Please meet the 105+5 – the fuselage for when the wind and gusts are strong 18-20 knots, and you are on a smaller sail, and the 105+7.5 is just as easy to control as our popular 100, but it’s more powerful and therefore definitely the clear choice in lighter winds when we use larger sails!

All of our 2023 fuselages are produced with a new stronger and harder anodisation process and all wing mount holes have stainless steel Helicoils guaranteeing longevity for years of enjoyment.

See you on the water,
F4 Team 🤙