More speed, more response, more fun.

Windsurf mast 101cm HM Carbon 2023 More speed, more response, more fun.

F4 New Windsurf models 2023
101 cm HM Carbon Mast / GP-R 101cm HM Carbon mast.

The all new F4 101 HM mast, delivers next level of performance and power thanks to its slimmer profile, narrow cord, and increased length. The 101 is dynamic and lively, provides more feedback and due to its very low drag profile delivers more speed. It’s designed and optimised for slalom, speed, freerace, and general cruising and it performs best with any of the F4 mid size and small wings.

The new F4 101 mast is compatible with all current F4 products (excluding GP series) and it’s a wonderful addition to anyone’s quiver.