2023 F4 Slalom 400 wing

F4 400 front wing Chris.00 00 06 29.Still001 2023 F4 Slalom 400 wing

Please welcome the new F4 Slalom Race 400 Front wing (Span 61cm – Area 397sqcm)!

Don’t let the small size throw you off, the 400 is delivered from the same new architecture as the amazing 660.
It lifts off early, defies physics and flies through jibes easily, and last but not least it allows you to break your and your windsurfing friends’ speed records! A mid and strong wind front wing of choice.

F4 400 windsurf front wing 2023 F4 Slalom 400 wing
f4 F400 1 2023 F4 Slalom 400 wing

A great add-on to your exsisting slalom bundle if you are looking to go for the next level of speed 🤙🤘