Date of Birth: December 16, 1992

Country and Residence: San Francisco, USA

Sponsors: F4 Foils

Disciplines: Wing foil, prone surf foil

Accomplishments: No wins yet but I’m looking forward to my first competitive season!

The short story: I grew up in Alaska where I learned to windsurf and surf during our very short summer season! Since moving to San Francisco I have fallen in love with foiling, both wingfoil and prone surf foil. I love the versatility of the sport from racing to riding swells across a huge range of conditions. As a mechanical engineer I am excited about the technical aspects of hydrofoils and innovation in a growing sport. My goals are to wingfoil race and explore surf foiling in remote spots of Northern California and Alaska.

What do I do beside windsurfing / wingfoiling: When I’m not in the water, I love working with my hands and doing art. I teach engineering and metalworking at a local university and really enjoy sharing my passion for designing and building with students.

Instagram: @annalisib