Welcome aboard, John Soukos

Welcome aboard John Soukos Welcome aboard, John Soukos

A new member is joining F4 Foils! We are happy to welcome John Soukos who is now part of our F4 Windsurf team.

John is from Athens, Greece. Besides windsurfing he likes wingfoiling, wakeboarding and snowboarding. He also is a Mechanical Engineering student in an university in Athens.

"F4 is one of the smoothest foils I have ever tried! It really gives me that extra boost I always needed! The mast is really stiff and really good in acceleration. The wings are really stiff also, making my flight even smoother and I’m feeling very confident to push my gear to the limits! "

We are excited to have you with us, John!
Read more about John Soukos on his F4 Team rider page.