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We are delighted to announce the release of the groundbreaking F4 GP windsurfing foil platform! The GP platform represents the culmination of a decade of experience, design, relentless innovation, and continuous development. No expense was spared in the creation and evolution of the GP series. Our journey began with countless hours of software calculations, optimizations, and simulations, all geared toward achieving the lowest possible drag and the highest lift.

The outcome of this meticulous process is a set of super thin and anti-ventilation profiles throughout all of the platform's components. While Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) provided an excellent starting point, our exceptional PWA and national riders team invested a full year in the rigorous testing and development of the GP Windsurfing product line.

One of the many standout features of the GP platform is our faired mast-to-fuselage flange and tab connection design. This design virtually eliminates turbulence and disturbance, yet it remains ultra-stiff, ensuring a super slippery and smooth feeling that you'll immediately notice when you step onto the foil. It's faster, glides better, and turns more smoothly than anything you've experienced before.

A key innovation of the GP platform - the first fully co-cured and faired fuselage and wing foil construction. This innovation dramatically improves the performance, reduces the drag and simplifies the assembly of the foil. The foil is now just three parts: mast, front wings and rear wings with an integrated fuselage. By eliminating aluminum fuselage, we have significantly reduced the weight of the foil and eliminated any risk of galvanic corrosion. The entire platform comes together with just five screws.

The construction of the GP platform is truly exceptional. We've taken things to the next level by moving to an even more rigid and torsionally stable layup. Throughout all the components of the platform, we've utilized ultra-high modulus carbon, resulting in an unprecedented level of feedback and sensation while riding the foil. When you're pushing into the 40 knots territory, you need all the stiffness you can get, and the GP platform delivers precisely that.

We are proud to offer the GP platform Mast in two versions: the standard construction and the R series, handcrafted in our EU factory. Both options provide exceptional performance.

Our race wings are constructed with all carbon, and our TI series features an ultra high modulus construction with a titanium core, delivering the ultimate in stiffness and responsiveness. The F4 GP windsurfing foil platform is a game-changer in the windsurfing world, born from a decade of dedication and innovation. Whether you are a recreational rider, national racer, or PWA pro we can't wait for you to experience the performance and precision it brings to your windfoiling adventures. The GP Slalom series are PWA registered. 

Platform Components 

Masts: 101 GP Mast |  101 GP-R Mast

Slalom Front Wings: GP Crissy 475 Windsurf | GP Crissy 500 Windsurf | GP Crissy 540 Windsurf  |  GP Crissy 620 Windsurf |  Crissy 6500 Windsurf 

Slalom Front Wings TI version: GP Crissy 540 TI Windsurf | GP Crissy 620 TI Windsurf

Front Wings Gorge series: GP Gorge 950 Windsurfing | GP Gorge 800 Windsurfing | GP Gorge 600 Windsurfing

Rear Wings:  GP 170 Medium Rear Wing | GP 170 Long Rear Wing | GP 190 Medium Rear Wing | GP 200 Medium Rear Wing