Will Mcmillan


Date of Birth: April 19, 2006

Country and Residence: I represent Thailand but live in Australia 

Sponsors: Challenger Sails, WSS boards, NBsailsports, Thai Airways

Disciplines: Windfoil slalom, IQfoil and Wingfoil


Coming Soon

The short story: I started windsurfing on my local lake when i was 10 years old and fell in love with it straight away i started my journey on a techno 293 and then moved to the rsx at the age of 12 i then found my passion on the foil and haven't looked back since.

What do I do beside Windsurfing/Wingsurfing: I spend a lot of time in the gym as i still compete at national level in powerlifting, i spend a lot of time skating and prone foiling on the glassy days.

Instagram: will.mcmillan8