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MYA Wings

Unleash the Wind with MYA Wings

Mya wings are crafted using innovative lightweight materials and boast a super aerodynamic, incredibly stiff frame. Carbon handles, designed through generative design, feature a unique attachment system to the wing's strut, providing absolute control for riders in any conditions or riding style. A distinctive double infill attachment from the frame to the canopy, coupled with a single-piece wing center to divide the dihedral angle, ensures optimal tension on both sides of the wing at all times, resulting in a much smoother power delivery.

The MYA wing launch features three easily understandable sizes - 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 - meeting the most common wing requirements.

MYA 4 sqm Wing front view MYA WINGS
MYA 5 sqm Wing front view 1 MYA WINGS
MYA 5 sqm Wing front view MYA WINGS

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Experience the next level of wing riding with Mya! Crafted with innovative lightweight materials and boasting a super aerodynamic, incredibly stiff frame, Mya Wings redefine the wing foil experience.

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