Date of Birth: April 18, 1991

Country and Residence: Kiel, Germany

Sponsors: Severne, F4 Foils, Soöruz, Racer of the Sea

Disciplines: Slalom / Racing (also some Wave, Foilstyle and Wingfoiling for fun)


World champion in Raceboard U22 german champion in RS:X & Techno293

5x podiums in the national tour

3x top5 in the national tour overall

2x top16 at ifca slalom worlds und europeans

3x top25 ifca foil racing & slalom worlds

The short story: I started winsurfing when I was 6, started racing when I was 11 and was part of the german olympic team until I was 22. Until then I was competing only in raceboard classes like Mistral OD, Techno293, RS:X, Raceboard & Tandem where I managed to become national an international champion in various diciplines.
In 2013 I switched to shortboarding an quit olympic windsurfing. I had my first races in slalom and formula by the age of 22 and became one of the best national riders in only 2 years. In 2016 I had my first national podium and in 2015 I finished my first slalom worlds ever at a 16th place. Since than I competed in several national and international shortboard events always with the goal to do as best as possible and to get in touch with many passionate windsurfers from all over the world.
Nowadays I only compete in a few regattas and I started (together with a friend) to organize a new regatta format to offer an easy entry into regatta-windsurfing for everybody.

What do I do beside windsurfing/wingsurfing: Actually I try so spend my free time as much as possible on the water doining all kind of different (foil-)disciplines. Beside that I work for the german sailing federation. I also organize dfferent types of water sports events. To train the new generation of windsurf-trainers is also part of my job and whenever I have some time left I try to work as a coach to give some of my knowledge to the next generation of young fellas.

Instagram: @leondelleger6
Facebook: @leon.delle.ger6