Welcome aboard, Peyton Dits

Welcome aboard Peyton Dits Welcome aboard, Peyton Dits

We're pleased to introduce the newest member of the F4 Team - Peyton Dits!

At just 14 years old, Peyton is already making waves from the Netherlands, with a deep love for windsurfing that knows no bounds.

"I want to be the fastest out there, no limits," says Peyton. "That's why I've chosen F4 Foils."

This young rider has been carving up the waters, taking home wins at Dutch Nationals and showing Europe his skills.

Off the board, Peyton is still all about that windsurfing life. When he's not catching waves, you'll find him hitting the books (gotta keep those grades up!), playing the piano, and planning his next windsurfing adventure.

"I'm excited to join Team F4," Peyton shares.

Let's give a warm welcome to Peyton Dits, the latest addition to Team F4!

Stay tuned as he rides the waves and showcases F4 Foils in action!

Check out Peyton's team rider page.