Mya Wings – Available Now for Purchase

Mya Wings – Available Now for Purchase Mya Wings - Available Now for Purchase

Introducing Mya Wings: Elevate Your Wing Riding Experience!

After years of testing and refining, we are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: Mya Wings!

The Story Behind Mya:

In our quest for the perfect wing, we scoured through countless options, seeking something truly exceptional. Fueled by our passion for excellence and armed with the finest foils and boards, we set out to create something extraordinary. And thus, Mya was born, named after a Native American word meaning "wind."

Unleashing Performance:

Crafted with innovative lightweight materials and boasting an aerodynamic, stiff frame, Mya Wings offer unrivaled control and precision. The carbon handles, designed using generative techniques, ensure absolute control in any condition or riding style. From the unique attachment system to the meticulous design of the wing center, every detail is geared towards delivering a smoother, more powerful ride.

Experience the Thrill:

Available in three easily understandable sizes - 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0, Mya Wings cater to the most common wing needs. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, these wings are designed to take your wing riding to new heights.

Mya Wings are officially available for purchase on our website. Visit the Mya Wings product page.