How to take care of your aluminum fuselage and alumunum masts – Best practices

For aluminum masts and fuselages, it’s important to note that they have Type 2 hard anodization. After using your foil, you may notice small crack-like artifacts on the surface. These are perfectly normal and pose no harm to the fuselage, nor do they affect its performance. However, to maintain the longevity of your equipment, it’s crucial to disassemble the aluminum fuselage from all carbon parts after each use to prevent galvanic corrosion. Additionally, make it a habit to rinse the fuselage with clean water.

To keep your aluminum fuselage in excellent condition, follow these steps:

1. After rinsing, thoroughly dry the fuselage and then apply a layer of WD40. This will help protect the surface and maintain its finish.

2. Regularly apply Tef-Gel to the stainless steel helicoils to prevent corrosion and ensure the components operate smoothly.

By following these simple yet effective steps, you can keep your fuselage in top shape for an extended period. It’s important to bear in mind that fuselages are considered “wear and tear” items, and damages resulting from excessive use, force, or poor maintenance may not be covered under the F4 warranty policy. So, proper care and attention to these details are essential for maximizing the life of your foil equipment.