F4 Foils Limited edition wings and fuselages

Limited R Edition windsurf front wings F4 Foils Limited edition wings and fuselages

F4 Foils Limited R Edition windsurf front wings.

The F4 Foils 600, 800, and 900 Limited R Edition wings deliver our PWA build technology and performance to freeride foilers. These wings are built for riders
who demand nothing but the best from their foiling experience.

The F4 600 Limited R Edition wing is all about precision and agility. Its compact design allows for lightning-fast maneuvers, making it an excellent choice for riders who want to push their freeriding skills to the limit.

Stepping up to the F4 800 Limited R Edition, you get the perfect balance of stability and speed. This wing delivers exceptional acceleration and performance, allowing riders to effortlessly glide above the water's surface.

For the ultimate in lift and stability, the F4 900 Limited R Edition is unparalleled. This larger wing generates massive lift, enabling riders to cruise at exhilarating speeds while maintaining stability and control. It's the wing for those who want to experience the thrill of foiling at lighter wind locations.

The F4 Foils 600, 800, and 900 Limited R Edition freeride wings are the perfect example of precision engineering and performance excellence. Whether you're seeking agility, balance, or maximum speed, these wings are designed to cater to the most demanding foiling enthusiasts, ensuring an unforgettable ride every time.

The limited edition 600, 800 and 900 are available for windfoiling and windwinging through our website, and are compatible with our aluminum and titanium fuselages.

Limited Edition slalom titanium 1003 and 1057 F4 Foils Limited edition wings and fuselages

PWA proven Limited Edition slalom titanium 100+3 and 105+7.5 hydrofoil fuselages.

Get ready to elevate your hydrofoil experience to new heights! Introducing the limited edition PWA Slalom Titanium 100+3 and 105+7.5 hydrofoil fuselages.

Slalom Titanium 100+3

Crafted with precision and finesse, the Slalom Titanium 100+3 hydrofoil fuselage ensures unparalleled responsiveness, making slalom speed and maneuvers smoother and more exhilarating than ever.

Slalom Titanium 105+7.5

For those lighter wind days when you need more power, the Slalom Titanium 105+7.5 is the ticket. With its extended dimensions and incredible stiffness, it offers superior stability and performance, giving you the confidence to push your limits.

Key Features:

Aerospace-grade titanium for strength and durability.
Enhanced hydrodynamics for precise control.
Polished finish.

These limited edition hydrofoil fuselages reflect F4's dedication to pushing the boundaries of water sports technology.

Get ready to conquer!
F4 Team 🤙