Welcome aboard, Benjamin Friant!

Benjamin Friant Welcome aboard, Benjamin Friant!

We are very excited to welcome Benjamin Friant to the F4 FOILS TEAM! He’s passionate, he’s extreme, he’s a daredevil, he embarks on incredible adventures and the things he does are … juste magnifique!

Benji is from Basel, Switzerland and has invented the Scootfoil. He is foiling in the most original, beautiful and difficult places to foil such as canyons, mountain lakes, frozen lakes, waterparks, underground lakes and more.

“I chose F4 because, before even knowing the amazing people behind the brand, I got to test their pump foil and was amazed right away. I have tested many brands but none of them gave me the performances that the F4 has.
Foiling with F4 has unlocked so many possibilities for me and I truly can’t wait to challenge myself even more!”

We are excited to have you with us, Benji!

Read more about Benji on his F4 team rider page.