Emona F4 Wingfoil Board

Emona board. Emona F4 Wingfoil Board

One board for racing, freestyle, slalom, cruising.

By tradition a sea vessel should have a female name, so it made perfect sense to us to name a great board after a great sea town with centuries of seamanship history “Emona”. The town is located at the Black Sea where we have spent the last 2 years developing our new board range. 

Design – We spent over two years designing and improving the boards in order to deliver the lightest, stiffest and most versatile boards on the market. Our goal was to make boards that do everything beyond your expectations! They provide excellent feedback from our foils. Their bottom design enables effortless pumping for take off, prone surf, dock starts etc. They are shorter and have little to no inertia when jibing, and jumping. And their solid construction makes them completely versityle to serve anything you desire – ease of use, speed and maneuverability, freestyle and tricks, cruising, or going Mach 3 during races.  
Craftsmanship – Machines, computers, molds…. they make our life easier and production cheaper, but none of them are a replacement for great craftsmanship. Our craftsmen put their knowledge, passion and personal touch into the boards we build, and you can feel that from the very first time you lay eyes on your new F4 board. They are purpose-built adrenaline and pleasure delivering pieces of art. 
Cost – We focus on local production, quality and precision vs. mass production. We employ local European craftsmen, we support our local economy and community, do our best to preserve the environment, and deliver superior products directly to our customers at the best possible prices. Also by selling and delivering directly to our customers, we are getting feedback, understanding your wishes, and listening to amazing stories. And that fuels our constant innovation. 
Environmental responsibility – Shipping containers across continents, then shipping to distribution centers, then point of sales has a significant negative impact on our planet. We all want to enjoy it and it’s our responsibility to preserve it for generations to come. So we do our best to source our raw materials locally and manufacture our boards in our factory in Europe. Then we ship directly from the factory to your home – keeping the environmental impact as low as possible. 
Construction  – We use locally manufactured foam for the core of our boards, Once they are shaped, the deck is carbon and divinycell sandwich reinforced, the patent pending Tail entry track system is reinforced with divinycell sandwich, and high density stringers are installed through the board to the deck providing rigidity and unparalleled structural support.  
The Emona F4 wingfoil boards are available in 3 board volumes – 75 / 95 / 105.
Compatible with all F4 wing foils.