F4 New Windsurf models 2023 – 107cm HM Carbon Mast

107cm HM carbon mast 2023 F4 New Windsurf models 2023 - 107cm HM Carbon Mast

The best foil product family in the windsurfing industry is growing! 💪
We have a lot to be grateful for as 2022 was the most successful year to date for our windsurfing foil business. Our user base grew – and we received amazing feedback and suggestions. Our race team grew – and we got some phenomenal results and valuable and constructive R&D feedback. So it is with great pleasure that we begin the presentation of the new windsurfing models with the F4 windsurf 107 cm HM mast.

All New HM cabron 107cm mast – the way to improve is to listen to your users and partners, and this mast is very much the result of such collaboration. The team at Sailworks are fortunate to have the Gorge as their R&D spot, and backyard playground. The Gorge is legendary for amazing wind and it comes with its own chop and wave created foiling challenges. The solution? Get above all of them! Based on the HM 97 cm mast, the 107 uses the same architecture, same layup, but through its increased length delivers the ride height to stay above and maneuver through choppy and wavy conditions, as well as give you extra forgiveness from breaching.

“With regards to foil mast length, this is our mind-set and sales approach. For windfoiling, height is truly your friend, for three reasons:

1) you can ride over bigger chop without foiling out or touching down with a taller mast;
2) as you foil faster, you have more reaction time with a taller mast;
3) you can make a tight turn without breaching your wingtip with a taller mast. The 107 mast offers the best performance compromise between stability, control, height, weight, stiffness and cost.”

–  Bruce Peterson
Owner/Sail Designer Sailworks Inc.