Meet the new F4 Pump Foil

F4 pump foil Meet the new F4 Pump Foil

When we decided to enter the pump and glide discipline our design goal was to deliver the most efficient and longest gliding pumping foil set on the market.

Starting with a clean slate our team used computer simulations and calculations to create the profile, span and coverage area of the all new dedicated front and rear wing set for optimal performance, lift and glide so you can still fly for hours on days when there is no wind.

Are you ready to hit a new personal pumping record? Give your self a head start with the most pumping optimized wings on the market! 

The best performance at a great price, our Pump Foil starts at 1055€ excl.VAT!

Pump, pump, pump it up 🎧

See you on the water,
F4 Team 🤙