F4 Foils Test by Surf Magazin

F4 Foils Test by Surf Magazin F4 Foils Test by Surf Magazin

During the summer we were asked to have our foils participating in Surf Magazin’s foil test on Windsurf Freerace and Freeride foils. The Surf magazin test team has now finished the test and published it in the latest edition. Check out their review below.

“The F4 Freerace almost certainly offers the higher potential for speeds, far beyond 40 km/h than the Starboard super flyer.
Very high speeds can be used for this much easier”

F4 Windsurf Freerace

F4 Freerace Carbon

The F4 foil works with the stretched, narrow ones Wings very sporty and shows that on the water also impressive. Extreme on all axes rigid construction also has a very direct effect in practice.
The very solid-looking mast hardly bends, the foil always seems predictable. It can be done not only edging well on a close-hauled course (not quite as extreme as the GA), but also controls on maintain half-wind courses. Altitude trim changes run harmoniously and are therefore easily predictable.
With little resistance and almost silently, it continued the F4 Freerace in the speed comparisons in the absolute top group firmly at comparatively
relaxed attitude – with probably even more Speed ​​potential than the Starboard Race. So enthusiastic the foil when foiling in sport mode, gladly also with larger sails of 7.0 and more. Then also the slightly higher required take-off speed reached faster and before the jibe you’ve had enough pressure in the sail. Because jibes succeed in a controlled manner and with enough buoyancy – but only with sufficient speed. Optionally, the foil is also included Aluminum mast available, which saves a whopping 1214 euros.

A very stable top freerace foil.

F4_2021_windsurf_freeride_aluminum_2_1400 copy

F4 Freeride Aluminium

The F4 Freeride rather between pure maneuver foils and the freeride entry class. The foil starts extremely early and preferably with under sails
6.0 square meters. Standing upright and without one edging a real option, he whispers surprisingly thin wings with the compact outline comfortable through the water, gliding through the biggest wind holes and provides buoyancy in the jibe to near standstill.
Fetched you, that reacts with pressure in the sail Foil quite nervous around the transverse axis, in the relaxed. Cruising mode, on the other hand, adapts to the relaxed mood on. Even if the broad wing once it pierces the surface, it won’t immediately acknowledged with a stall, but felt the foil slides like a flat stone continue on the surface, dive in and the ride continues. The foil handles well with the legs pump, allows slow, wide maneuvering radii despite a little more speed than the straight Starboard Superfly, on the other hand, has hardly any freeride feeling on.

A maneuver and cruising foil.

Read the article and full test here. It’s in German so we uploaded their translated english version here as well.
Thank you, Surf Magazin for taking the time to test our foils!