Great Speed Sarah Jackson

F4Foils Sarah Jackson 30knots Great Speed Sarah Jackson

Congratulation to our awesome team rider Sarah Jackson for the great speed result on the Dunkerbeck speed challenge! Riding on the F4 slalom foil with 420 front wing, 190 rear wing, FR100 (100+3) fuselage and the superstiff F4 race mast, hitting just below 30knots on 250 and over 30knots on the peak 🀘🀘

Photos / Sarah Jackson

We are excited to see you keep going fast on your F4 foil. Hats off!

β€œI’m loving the F4 foils! I’m mainly using the 560 and 420 front wings and I just love the feeling of speed on the foil. With my previous foil (from another brand) it was terrifying going fast, now it’s just so fun as this foil is so stable, especially at high speeds! I feel like I can fully push the limits of what is possible with this foil.” 

– Sarah Jackson