kai freerace 2021 WING FOIL GUIDE

The new F4 wing foils are here and we have models for all levels of wingers. We been getting a lot of questions lately about which foils to use when and for whom. So hereĀ“s a post to give you some more info and guidance in which foils to use and choose.

Which wingfoil is good for learning?

Are you just getting started and want the best platform for learning we would recommend the lightwind 2000 foil. This wingfoil is a very stable and smooth platform and perfect for learning. Like all our foils it has a gradual lift for more balanced starts. The foils still turns and carves excellent even tho it its size. Available with 2000 for lighter riders and 2500 for the heavier riders.

F4 Wing Lightwind Foil 25002000 2021 WING FOIL GUIDE

Which Wingfoil is good for all around riding?

If you want to be able to wingfoil in different conditions and want smooth and balanced rides, the Wing Freeride is your best choice. This foil offers you smooth and balanced rides. With a gradual lift/ speed slope so you can keep your feet in place at a range of speeds the Wing Freeride is available with 1400 and 1720 frontwing depending on the riders size. Works well with all sizes of windwings and works well for Wave/wake surfs after a downwind cruise.

Wing Freeride 17201400 2021 WING FOIL GUIDE

Which wingfoil should I use for race and jumping?

For the intermediate to pro wingers that want to take their riding to the next level, the Wing Freerace the wingfoil is what you are looking for. This foil is based on our new 90cm plate mount carbon mast and new high aspect wing set. The front wing is 1050sq cm and 91cm in span. We have used thin sections and an efficient platform to allow both great low end performance as well as top speed. Low end performance is what keeps you flying during tacks and jibes. This foil gets you to speed for doing huge jumps.

Wing Freerace 1050 3 copy 2021 WING FOIL GUIDE

If you still feel you need more support in choice of foils feel free to reach out to our team, we are here to help as well as provide any info you might need before joining the next generation of wingfoils.