Welcome Kasper to the F4 Foils Team

Welcome Kasper to the F4 Foils Team Welcome Kasper to the F4 Foils Team

We are pleased to announce Kasper Friis Nielsen as the newest addition to the F4 Foils team. Based in Aarhus, Denmark, Kasper has demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication within the windsurfing community.

Introduced to windsurfing by his mother at the age of five, Kasper's passion for the sport was reignited in 2020 when his family temporarily moved to a beach house. That same year, he discovered foiling and quickly became captivated by the sport. By 2021, Kasper was competing in foil competitions, achieving notable successes such as earning the title of Danish Vice Champion U19 in 2023 and securing impressive rankings at the Summer Openings California Windsurf Cup in Sylt.

Specializing in slalom foil, Kasper also explores fin and IQfoil disciplines. He places his trust in Loftsails and F4 foils for their superior performance, particularly valuing the speed and stability they offer.

Balancing his windsurfing career with his studies, Kasper remains committed to excellence both on and off the water.

We are excited to support Kasper in his future endeavors and look forward to celebrating his continued success. Keep an eye out for exciting developments and achievements as we team up with Kasper at F4 Foils.

Check out Kasper's team rider page to learn more about him and his accomplishments. Follow us on social media for updates and behind-the-scenes content.

Welcome on board, Kasper!