Demo days


11 May F4 demo day 11 MAY 🇩🇰 F4 DEMO DAYS

Welcome to the F4 Demo Days with wingfoil_dk!

The event will be held at Horsens, Denmark.

The equipment will be available on a first come first serve basis, and we recommend that you reserve your spot by registering here.

Please bring your own safety equipment, boards, sails, wings etc. At the event we will have available the equipment listed below.

At the venue we will have:

F4 Wing Foils:  F4 Wing Freeride Foil 1720, F4 Wing Lightwind 2000, F4 Wing Freerace 1050
+ additional race setup: 765 mm fuselage and 90/720 frontwing

See you on the water! 🤙